Manual accounts

I have international accounts that could not be supported by Snoop. I know Snoop features automatic synchronisation but it becomes a major hinderance for me from transferring from WalletApp, which supports manual accounts/ cash. I need an app that can integrate all of my accounts even if some can only be manual otherwise it does not solve the problem of fragmentation. This is not really ideal for anyone who tends to use accounts/ cash beyond the supported UK banks.

Therefore, I sincerely wish for this feature to be supported.


Thanks @ian.lin

This is certainly a feature we can see the benefit in for customers who can’t connect accounts for various reasons. We have it on the list of features we’ll be considering for the next wave of development around money management so I’ll log your vote for this!

Appreciate you sharing your views,


Any news on this? Things like Marcus savings and chase bank atm

Hey @simonhunter87 - we’re targeting end of this year to have ‘add manual accounts’ into Beta along with a set of other features. We’ll be in touch with some more info in a few weeks time, once we’ve firmed up dates.


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