Investment and pension accounts

I really like the newest update where you can now add manual accounts on Plus.

I was wondering whether there’s any change we can have an automatic updates one instead of manual? Pension and investment accounts can change daily (and depending on your risks, drastically).

Also, since Snoop is now a bit of an aggregator of your net worth, perhaps add a real estate category would be helpful?

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Hi @MBA1413 - thanks for trying our new Plus features!

At the moment we’ve setup two automatic updates where you can chose to have your manual accounts update weekly or on a certain day each month. You can chose an increase or a decrease by a set amount (if you tap on the account you will see the section where you can setup these automatic balance changes). The most common use for this will be savings accounts not available through Open Banking where you are putting a fixed amount each period.

For something like an investment or pension which is not likely to change by an exact amount - and are more linked to unit prices for example, that’s not currently possible. It would require a more integrated approach to your provider like we can do with Open Banking based accounts. We hope in time to have more types of products connected to Snoop but right now we only support Open Banking available accounts.

We’ve noticed people using the Plus free trial are already adding property as manual accounts. These are currently being setup with the type of ‘Other’ but in future we may add to that preset list. You can certainly use that ‘Other’ option for now though.

Hope that helps?