Manually changing dates of transactions

Please add the ability to move transactions manually to a different date. My pending transactions that start in one month, clear on the next months budget rather that the month that the purchase was made, skewing my spending overview.

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Thanks for the feedback @ShortJames98 - totally understand the point. The Spend Analysis features are based on ‘booked’ transactions as pendings can shift in description and amounts etc. But I understand the skew that can happen when they eventually book in a new budgeting period. I’ve shared with the team and we’ll chat about what we can do to improve this in future.


Hi Cara, Is there any update on a solution to this? I have just moved from Money Dashboard were this feature was available. I don’t see how you can accurately report on a month’s spending without this feature. Or ensure that only the transaction date is imported when booking (this would be the best option).
When you advise it skews the budgeting feature do you mean there is a work around? Otherwise I can’t see how anyone can use this for monthly budgeting?

Thanks for your help Tom

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Hi @TomS sorry but we don’t have any solutions for this at the moment.

We only use the dates provided by each bank and we don’t allow these to be adjusted right now. More often than not this is their official ‘booked date’ rather than when you might have used the card for example. Some banks work differently to others here in what they share.


I just came on here to ask the same thing. Money dashboard I have moved from and Obed the date changing feature. Any plans for this to be added? It’s skewing stuff on my budgets

No plans yet @katie but I’ve shared the feedback


Seems like a simple feature to implement but doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen!

Hi @ShortJames98 - I’m certainly not saying it won’t happen.

Like all feedback and ideas, we prioritise on a range of factors and customer demand is certainly one of them. This isn’t something we’ve had lots of feedback on in the last 3 years so that’s the only reason it’s not been done before now. We are a small team so we can only do so many things at once :slight_smile:

I agree this would be a great thing to do.