Manual refresh

Is there a way to request a manual update of your accounts through the open banking protocol rather that waiting for them to refresh? I’d like to be sure that I am seeing the latest information when I go in to the app, so the option of having a manual refresh gives me the confidence that this is the latest status.


Hi @Grindlebeard - there is, and we are intending to offer this feature soon.

Basically under Open Banking rules we are allowed to refresh an account 4 times per day in the background. We are also allowed to refresh the data ‘on demand’, but only if you (the customer) are present. Which in effect means you are using our app at that time.

For our Beta, we focussed on having those scheduled background refreshes in place. However we are now looking at the introduction of the on demand option. I can’t give an exact timescale for this, but it will be weeks, not months.


The pull down manual refresh doesnt work on my iphone 13 - latest update - coul dyou do a manual refresh option under the the dots on the top right hand corner for when you need to only rfefresh an individual account?

Hi there @leemole67

That’s really odd as we’ve just tried to replicate this with an iPhone 13 on latest OS and it works fine for us (although point noted about using the dots to refresh specific accounts - good feedback thanks!).

It may be there was a scheduled refresh of information taking place at the same time which impacted your experience here. Sorry about that if that’s the case. Would you mind giving it a try again a little later today and letting us know if you’re still having trouble?

Be great if you could drop us a line with a screen recording at if it continues happening?

Many thanks - Cara