Major overhaul is overdue…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… :sweat_smile:

I invested too, been watching, we need to catch up, custom bills IE, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annually.

Having to wait 3 months for an algorithm to pick up on a monthly subscription is too long to wait for a budgeting app, specially as you’re charging for a premium account already, no matter how reasonable the price… :sweat_smile:

We need the option to set the bills ourselves.

We need subcategories for more thorough budgeting.

For offline accounts, FX to GBP, otherwise you have to manually work it out every time.

Merchant information could be Sandboxed so the customer can update the details themselves and update the picture by uploading a pic or using a twitter handle.

Dark Web Monitoring

IE name, Phone Number, email address and address.

Pension monitoring or an offline option.

More offline account categories

Crypto, Investments, Pensions, Loans.

Live Chat implementation or a priority system for snoop plus

A recent transactions feed with the budget at the forefront, IE, available spend minus committed spend.

Now I’ll take a breather! :rofl:

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Hi - thanks for posting and sharing your ideas.

I’ll reply on each:

  1. the 3 month point is only relevant on a certain type of payment. Most new bills will appear immediately. For card payments, it’s much more tricky to know if this is a one-off or part of a new bill so we normally wait to see a pattern. That said, we do already have plans to improve this in the months ahead and that is likely to include a manual setup option.

  2. Subcategories - not on the immediately horizon but certainly something we will think about

  3. We have no plans yet for any non GBP accounts

  4. Merchant improvements. We understand the approach you are describing but we have a process to clean any poor/duplicate merchants that are caused by poor bank data. We normally respond to customer requests on this within a day, as you know.

  5. No plans on any dark web monitoring

  6. Offline accounts - we already include a lot of the providers of Pensions, Loans, Investments etc. You can just pick ‘other’ from the type list, name your account as ‘Pension’ and it will track using the logo of the provider. I have several offline investment and pension accounts for example in my Snoop

  7. Live Chat / Priority Support - we are very proud of our customer support response times - even at weekends and out of hours. Most customers will get a reply from us on the same day - regardless of whether they subscribe to Plus or not.

  8. Budgeting is certainly in our thinking.


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