Is there an issue with adding a Virgin money credit card?

I’ve tried to add a virgin money credit card and it seems to be going fine but then at the end I get this login site and it always ends with an error message :thinking:

Hi @Ryan that is very strange and I’m not aware of any widescale issue. You are on a Virgin Money site at this point in the process (as you can see from the browser URL - so it’s a little tricky for us to see exactly what’s happening.

Do you have the Virgin Money app installed?

Can you drop us a line at so we can discuss this with you.


Sorry the other thing you can try - temporarily change your browser back to default

Settings > Apps > Choose default apps > select “Browser app” then switch to Samsung Internet.

Can you see what happens then?

This is a Google pixel phone so the only browser I use is chrome and yes I have the virgin money app installed.

I’ll send an email with more details. I’ve included the link and a screen recording.

Tried to add it on clearscore and had the same exact issue to be fair.