Importing transactions

Hiya. Are you able to import transactions from an account with a bank that doesn’t automatically connect? Metro Bank isn’t on the list but it doesn’t look like I can import.

Hi @Snoop_user678!

Sadly Metro don’t support Open Banking. At one stage this website said they were working on APIs (which apps like Snoop need). However at the top of the screen they have added these words:

We’ve now delivered the Modified Customer Interface (MCI) which will be our dedicated TPP access interface. As a result, we will not be developing APIs at this time.

A Modified Customer Interface is basically ‘screen scraping’ where they log-in on your behalf.

You have to be logged into a 3rd party website, you then have to share your bank credentials with the 3rd party (which we are very against!) and then that 3rd party can log into your account. This type of experience is not compatible with all money management apps like Snoop which need continual access via APIs with no credentials being shared with us.

Due to this, we do not have a way that you would be able to import these transactions into Snoop.

I am really sorry about that!

All the best,

Think the Emma App say the same