I use the Hyperjar app/card to manage my budget (like an online cash envelope system). It would be useful to link it to Snoop to track that spending with all my bills etc.

Are there any plans to be able to link this sort of account to Snoop?

Hi Sadiesaves, thank you for your feedback! We do try and utlise customer feedback to make improvements to Snoop where possible. With something like Hyperjar, they would need to have an Open Banking interface (called an API). There are various methods to connect to banks for currents accounts and credit cards, but at Snoop, we only allow connections that do not require you to give your details to another third party in order for us to see your transactions.

We would love to connect to as many banks/budgeting apps as possible and hopefully if they ever decide to join Open Banking, we may be able to consider this.

All the best,

Snoop HQ

Hyperjar partnered with Saltedge way back for this, but it’s all gone VERY QUIET