How to account for bills in spending?

My bills transactions come in and get matched to random categories of spending which really throws off my budgeting. Example being my rent payment gets classified as shopping. Should I create a spending category for bills?

Hi @mcl we’d always recommend that you correct the category as that is used across a number of features.

So for your rent payment you could either put that in our standard ‘home and family’ category or you could move into a custom one like the bills idea you mention. Whatever works for you.

Once you change a single transaction for a merchant, you will see an option to apply this change to ‘all transactions for this merchant’. Once you pick that option, all historic transactions and any new ones in future will use the category you’ve just picked.


Ah ok makes sense! I suppose my feedback would be that given I’ve already labeled all my bills, it would be helpful if the spending report and “create a budget for me” feature automatically classified them that way. I find it a bit counter intuitive when it defaults bills to shopping or entertainment categories.

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