Changing items listed in spending to bills & vice versa

Several of my bills are listed in spending and vice versa; how do I change the assignment for those? I saw that in spending I can change the category for such items but it does not seem to give me the full list as it did when I set my bills up originally (ex category saving/investments is not there). As is, this completely throws off my budget. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Housefairy please do drop us a line from the app so we can talk to you about the exact situation for you.

As a general summary though

  • Spending should be EVERYTHING that leaves your account (unless you’ve excluded a transaction to be counted as spending)

  • Bills is a specific list of regular payments (i.e. bills) that we can spot in a pattern.

The category for any spending can be changed by just tapping the transaction and selecting the category name. The category for any bill is just shown based on the last transaction you’ve paid in that bill.

Again please do drop us a line so we can help with the specifics of your account.


Brilliant thank you for your very prompt reply. I’ve sent a few emails from within the app directly regarding a few specific transactions; there are a few more but I figured to start w those. Hopefully I’ve done that correctly. Thank you!!

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