How do I track work expenses effectively

Hi, I regularly buy things on my personal accounts for work, which I then get reimbursed, such as food, flights, equipment, etc. i will get regular reimbursement payments from my employer.

How can I track these work expenses separately so that they don’t affect the spending analysis of my own money. To complicate things I might get the reibursement payment in to one account, and then transfer it to another…

Any help/advice appreciated!

Hi @troldman - we have a feature that allows you to exclude a transaction from your spending analysis so this would help with ensuring a payment doesn’t impact your spending and budget if you have one set up. Just tap into a transaction and you’ll see a toggle to exclude the payment.

You can track refunds within the app too however, this may not be suitable for the reimbursements from your employer if the refund is received from a different merchant as the original debit transaction.

However, if the refund is going to be received from the same merchant as the original purchase, then looking at the debit transaction, there will be an option to ‘Track a refund’ and once selected, you can enter the amount that you are expecting to be refunded. Once the refund is being tracked, the app will keep an eye out for this and notify you once received.

I hope this helps!

I have a similar thing, so I created a work expenses category which I code the expense and the repayment too, and then exclude the category from analysis so it doesn’t skew my personal spend figures

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That sounds like a perfect solution @Nickh for users experiencing similar scenarios. Thank you for sharing this!

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