How to turn off Excluded Transactions

Hi there,

Quick question:
I’ve erroneously turned on “exclude transactions” for my ‘Income’ category. How do I turn that back off?

I’ve tried viewing all transactions- at the bottom it shows ‘Excluded from you spend analysis’ but when I tap on ‘Excluded Transactions’ it only lists one item and nothing from the’ income’ category, despite the’ income’ categories and items being listed underneath.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Hi @m_i_n_g_a_y

In the app you can ‘exclude from analysis’ individual transactions by tapping on each one and changing the toggle.

However, the excluding of both the ‘Transfers’ and ‘Income’ categories are done by Snoop and it’s not possible to turn these on. The ‘Spend Analysis’ feature is designed to only look at spending, so typically things in the Income category will stop that analysis from being useful (as the spending will be offset by Income).

If there are positive transactions (i.e ‘credits’) in other spending categories - we want them to be factored into the Spending Analysis calculations… so for example if you spend £100 at Tesco but get £10 refunded, we want your net spending to be £90.

We list those categories on the screen to make it clear that they are being excluded.

I hope that makes sense?