First Direct Regular Saver and ISA

I have just started moving all my banking to FD, and as well as individual and joint current accounts and a savings account (which all Snoop correctly) I also have an ISA and a regular saver account with them. These were all open when I connected Snoop, but it didn’t pick them up. Was that an API issue, something I did, or FD not offering OB for those account types?

Hi @ricochet

Each bank controls which accounts they give access to when you are taken to their Open Banking connection screens and every bank has different approaches to which savings accounts they enable.

The regulations require them to enable all ‘payment accounts’ and it’s down to interpretation if a particular savings account falls under this description.

If it was up to us - we’d happily connect with every type of account any bank provides.

We will ask their Open Banking team if there are any plans to share this type of account in future.

All the best,

Thanks. I suspected it was at FDs end. The regular saver versus normal save account distinction feels odd even if you accept that the iSA is fundamentally different.

I don’t actually see why they should distinguish in terms of accessibility: I want to be able to see my savings whatever account type they are in.