Connecting with Barclays Blue Rewards Savings account

I have a few accounts with Barclays. I am able to connect my Current account and my Savings account. I also have another savings account with them which is a “Blue Rewards savings account”. This is nothing different to a normal ISA except different interest rates.

I cant connect this blue rewards account because it doesnt show as an option.

Do we know why this is the case? Why we cannot connect this. It would be really great if we could since other Barclays savings account are working.


Hi @suvi1301 the bank always controls which accounts they give access to when you are taken to their Open Banking connection screens.

Each bank has different approaches to which savings accounts they enable. The regulations require them to enable all ‘payment accounts’ and it’s down to interpretation if a particular savings account falls under this description.

If it was up to us - we’d happily connect with every type of account any bank provides.

We will ask their Open Banking team if there are any plans to share this type of account in future.


Yeah that makes sense. Like I imagined it would be in their control but they wouldnt have a clue how to help if I went to them directly.

Would be great if your team could get in touch with their relevant team to get an answer and hopefully even get it added on as a supported account.