Don’t think this can be done yet. I’d like to be able to change the description of ban transfers. For example soon after pay day, I move money to savings accounts. There’s also other movements on a fairly regular basis. I’d like to be able to change the sort code and account number to something meaningful.

Nationwide are nearly there with this, they allow a meaningful name to be added to each account and they’re included in the snoop but I deal with more than nationwide accounts.

You are right @ToBAS we don’t offer that feature today.

In fact, the original ‘Description’ is one of the bits of data that we always display exactly as the bank gives it to us.

It’s an interesting idea though - maybe in future giving an ability to also have a custom description. We hope that one of the features we have coming-up (‘tagging’) may deliver a very similar outcome. So watch this space for more details on that in the weeks ahead.



If tagging could be used as the linkage, that’d work.