Default mail app iOS

Just a real small improvement I noticed could be made. Any of the links which go to Mail only open with the Apple Mail app which I don’t have installed so I can’t use any Mail links. I use outlook so I should be able to select what email app to use when clicking an email link in app.


Hi @tgcarter that is indeed how we set it… so for example when I tap on the links from Snoop it opens for me in the Gmail app.

However, I think there is something about how Apple make this work and if you’ve deleted their standard mail app from your phone entirely then for some reason this default doesn’t work for us.

The setting we look for is part of the ‘Mail’ settings - which I don’t think are available once you delete the app.


Yeah must be in an issue with my phone as I reinstalled Mail and I still don’t get the option you showed.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

If you have Outlook, you will find the default mail option there.
No need to download the default Apple Mail app.
Hope it works.

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