Small snoop bug - Amex app linking

Just noticed when reading the latest snoop on Amex £5 extra cashback for the government’s ‘eat out to help out’ scheme… There was a link in the snoop that I assume designed to take me into app inorder to setup offer/save to card… However it didn’t seem to pickup that I had Amex app on my phone, instead it opened browser and took me to amex website. Perhaps something you could fix to do a deep link?


Hi @EJD we’d love to link directly into apps, but it’s not something we can technically do.

The only reason Snoop can open the Amex app when you link your account is because they (like all banks) have set and agreed interfaces that can be used for this purpose.

They don’t make it possible for us to link into specific screens / actions within their own apps for other purposes.

So our Snoops would normally take you to a website, or sometimes the app store page for any app in question.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks Paul - understood, and appreciate Amex aren’t going to open up their deep links to you!

Customer expectations set at new bar now though with the app to app journeys that I’ve seen for a few of the open banking journeys.

So would be nice if any way to do at least app detection on a device…

Or at minimum, on the snoop where you put the link/Underlined text for special offers (implying a link to that feature) you could move the hyperlink to the 'open your app or login online to…" Section? But that’s splitting hairs!