Allow choice of email app when sending help request

In the iOS app when you you click “get Help” or “Help us improve this transaction” a compose email window pops up. This seems to be associated with the Apple Mail app.

I don’t use the Apple Mail app for my personal email (I only use it for work email) and so my personal email address is not present as one of the “from” options in the compose email window.

Would it be possible to provide the option to launch other email apps stored on the phone instead?


Hey @o99

Right now, iPhones will always default to their own ‘mail’ app with this type of ‘compose email’ call out. But I agree, it is a bit annoying - I’m the same as you and would prefer to use a different email app.

We’ve taken a look, and it appears that the feature to set a different default mail app may be in the pipeline for iOS14 - due October time for iPhone users.

We’ll keep an eye out for it and see if we can improve this part of Snoop.

Thanks :blush:


I don’t know exactly what new functionally will be possible in iOS 14 but for me it’s not necessarily the ability to change default email app as a system-wide setting that’s desired.

I use different email apps for work and personal email. I wouldn’t necessarily want to set system wide default app to my personal email app, but I would want ability to tell Snoop to default to use of my personal email app (or provide option to choose it when email/help link is tapped within Snoop).

Understood @o99 - leave this one with is and we’ll certainly take a look at it. :+1: