Compact View

A nice to have suggestion…

On the transaction pages, there is a lot of padding on the rows between transactions. It would be good to have the option to show a more compact view so I can see more transactions on one screen.

Linked to this, there is black space in the top right of the screen where it says transactions. Could this be filled to show some sort of pie chart of transaction split, or anything else useful?

Hi @Hitesh,

As ever, thank you for your suggestion :grinning:

We came to this design to prevent over-cluttering the screen, but exporting transactions to CSV is something we’re looking at for later this year. This will allow you to view all your transactions in a more compact view.

Also, really nice idea regarding the use of space at the top of the transaction screen. I’ve added it to our list of ideas and the product team will discuss it when we come to introducing more data visualisation features :v:

Thank you for your continued support! :heart:


Yes a clean look is much easier. Don’t forget the app may be viewed by 2 people simultaneously. I think a dark theme would be nice, and surprise moji’s popping in or up on holidays like Eid, Xmas, birthdays etc.
I think if the app asked for interests or job professions, then snoops could be taylored to keep interest

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