Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B : Credit Balances

Hi everyone - customers with credit cards or overdrafts with the CYBG brands of Clydesdale, Yorkshire Bank and ‘B’ are unfortunately getting incorrect balance numbers reported. Other ‘Virgin Money’ brands are not impacted.

We’ve raised this with Virgin Money (CYBG) and they are working on a fix. I will post an update here as soon as we know when this fix will be deployed.

No action is needed on your part - balances should revert to the correct number as soon as CYBG implement their fix.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

To update you on this - CYBG are expecting to roll out a fix early next month.

Sorry it’s still a few more weeks away.


I have one of the new style Virgin Money current accounts (with a linked savings account). The Customer ID I use for web/mobile banking is ten digits long. The new style accounts don’t seem to be supported by the current API. Are there any plans in the pipeline for support?

Hi @Martin the VM connections are quite complicated because they have ‘old’ style Current Accounts, new style and re-branded ‘B’ accounts as well. It’s because CYBG purchased Virgin Money and there are various products being rebranded or moved onto different platforms as a result.

The team there are making various changes to simplify our interfaces in future, but this is not ready yet. So for now, we’ve tried to cater for this complexity with the different VM options we’ve made available in our app.

If you select ‘Virgin Current Account’ in Snoop (not the generic ‘Virgin Money’ item), this will take you to their new platform which should match the product you mention. The branding you see will be wrong temporarily (you will see the CYBG ‘B’ brand), but once connected it should appear in our app as Virgin Money.


Thanks @paul_k, that worked perfectly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone - sorry if you are still waiting for this problem to be resolved.

CYBG were not able to deliver it early this month as originally planned. We are waiting to hear a revised delivery date :slightly_frowning_face:

I will update further as soon as we know more.

Sorry everyone waiting for this.

We still await a revised delivery date. I promise this hasn’t been forgotten and we’ve been chasing CYBG (Virgin Money) to get it resolved asap.


Hi everyone - sorry this one took a little while, but CYBG have told us this fix has now been implemeted.