Can’t edit new category icon

Hi, I recently signed up with snoop plus, but I found I can’t edit the icon of category when I’m editing, no response from the app when I click edit (I can edit the name though), it was working fine when I first start using Snoop, could you please advise how can I get it done? I’m using ios15 and iPhone X. Thank you

Hi @Wayflanker - that button opens the standard iOS emoji keyboard so I’m wondering if you’ve changed any settings about the standard keyboard configuration.

We’ve tested this on a range of devices this morning and it seems to be working for us.

It might be worth checking your ‘Settings’ and searching for keyboard. By default if you are UK and English user, you should have 2 keyboard installed - English (UK) and Emoji.


Hi Paul, thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed it’s the setting of keyboard, somehow the emoji keyboard is not activated after recent iOS update. It’s all sorted now. I started using the app from its beginning, it’s getting better and better now, great stuff.:+1:

Great that you were able to fix it @Wayflanker and thanks for the feedback. Delighted to hear you are still enjoying to use Snoop