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This is a long shot as I suspect there are limitations with security but I’ll suggest it anyway incase there are ways around it.

I use widgets a fair amount on my Android and thought it would be great to be able to click to the screen with my widgets and scroll through my latest snoops, and also refresh from here. It’d be great to get the balance but definitely don’t think that’s an option.

Taking this further, the use of notifications could be a halfway house on this one. For example, we could prioritise the types of snoops we want to have a push notification for and these then come up as and when they are generated. I wouldn’t want a push notification for all, just the categories I’d prioritise on and limit to X amount a day.

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Hey @Hitesh,

Hope you’re having a great long-weekend!

Thanks again for those ideas, we definitely want to allow Snoop users to configure their notifications to suit the level of interaction they want from Snoop. We’ll be expanding the list of notifications that you can control from within the app in the next few months and we’ll start looking into widgets etc as phase 2 of this work.

Thanks again - keep the amazing feedback coming!



It would be really helpful to see my daily balance on a widget, without having to open the app. (I would still open the app later on, of course :grin:)

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Hey @JJ13 - nice idea!

We’re always looking to build out the features Snoop can offer so we’ll definitely take a look at this.

thanks for the feedback. :blush:


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A ‘total spend today’ widget would also be great! (also Android)

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