Android and Chrome OS login observation

Hi all. First post from me :tada:

I was pleased to see that Snoop already supports running the Android app within Chrome OS (on my Chromebook). This is not too common for even FinTech apps, so well done on that front

It does create a slight oddity though

I used my Android phone first to sign up and sign in, and so my phone number

On logging in on Chrome OS later it asked my phone number, said it was already in use and then asked if I wanted to login there

So it seems that the phone number used is not tied to the phone (or “phone”) being used, which is fine by me, but seems a bit odd when you are not on the phone you are entering the number for, and to bump that phone out of being logged in

Is there the intention/necessity for there to only be one Android app logged in? Could the distinction be made between Android and Chrome OS, as it is useful to be able to have it on my laptop as well as my phone?


Hi @SouthseaOne

Thanks so much for signing-up and welcome to SnoopSpace :wave:. The situation you are describing is not specific to Android or even to ChromeOS.

Basically we currently only support one active device. So if you were to sign-up on a phone but later logged into your account on a 2nd device, this will work but we will send you an email to check it was you, log you out of the first device and put a warning-up on the ‘new’ device to tell you that’s happening.

This same situation would happen if you used an iPhone and iPad for example.

In time we’d like to support more than one trusted device, but for now we only support one at a time.


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Hi @paul_k

Thanks for the information

I have not seen any such emails on switching devices, so it might be worth checking that’s all ticking over fine

Best personal reference I had was with the Monzo app(s) which only allow one sign in at a time from Android/Chrome OS, but also one from iOS at the same time, which is different again

I shall keep a watch on this in the longer term

Thanks again

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Just a quick update on this point

I switched back from Chrome OS to Android just now and I did get the email this time for the first time

So it seems happy now


Thanks so much for letting us know @SouthseaOne

Glad you’ve got it :+1: But we’ll take a look at why you didn’t receive them before now. Appreciate the info.


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Chrome OS being a version of Linux/Android they take advantage of that capability to give the chrome os a catalogue of apps and games, the app itself isn’t natively optimised but thankfully due to desktop optimisations you can amend the size to fit the optimisation of the app!