Amex and One Account Brands Now Available

To confirm we’ve now switched on Amex and the One Account brands from RBS.

As many of you know, Amex has been a priority for a long time and it did take longer than we anticipated (see An update on Starling And Amex for details). We are delighted it is now available to all customers.

We do currently have some limitations with Amex that we don’t get with other providers. Currently:

  1. We are only importing 90 days of transactions
  2. It is only possible to connect one Amex card at a time

Both of these are things we want to improve in the weeks ahead, but we hope for the majority of customers these limitations will not be a problem.

We will be writing to customers next week to let them know Amex is available, as not everyone uses SnoopSpace :wink:

Our number 1 priority now is to finish off our work on Starling Bank. We will update on this very soon.

The other banks we are actively working on in parallel are NewDay cards & HSBC Savings Accounts & Credit Cards. Again we hope to have some news on those soon.