Alerts by time

I love the idea of having spending alerts, but by merchant or category is not really how I’m used to managing my money.

I budget per week/month, so I would really love to see an alert option per day, week, month, paycycle etc.

I’d be much more effective at keeping to my budget if I got an alert that I’ve spent x amount today, or hit my budget amount for the week. It would be a great little prompt to make me think twice about additional spending.

Ideally, I would love to see an option included to set your own date ranges rather than just day, week, month. Eg spending alert per 10 days, or per half/quarter of the paycycle.

It would also be great to have a reminder that we can set when we’re approaching the alert amount. Perhaps an option to turn on a 75% reminder or something like that.

Final thought, being able to exclude certain categories like transfers and bills would be so helpful to just track more variable spending.

Please Snoop team, make it happen :pray:

Hey @Autumndragonfly - thanks so much for your feedback! We’ve got plans to enhance the budgeting (including alerting) experiences within the app and we’ll definitely feed these thoughts into the design process :raised_hands: !

have a great day,