Upload a new logo using Twitter

Hi guys,

I send a lot of emails to you with logos to be added to a merchant, which is not a nice flow going to the email grabbing a website and send…
You could implement something like Monzo where inside the app people can send a Twitter name, and from Twitter API you can grab the icon, doing the whole process automated, and this will create more time for the customer support people like Paul and Cara. They spend a lot of their time adding new logos for me.

Doing it is simple using Twitter API, has several SDKs available, I implemented it using nodejs SDK twitter-lite(https://www.npmjs.com/package/twitter-lite), and in less than 4 hours I had it working in my code if you want I can share over GitHub.

I know that is not a core feature but is simple and fast to be implemented and in a couple of hours the developers are able to implement.


Thanks @brunosmm

Me and @Cara love improving your transactions with logos, so don’t worry about that :blush:

We have certainly considered using services like this. In fact, we already use the Twitter API now behind the scenes in a similar way to what you are suggesting. You’ll notice in most cases the logo for a merchant matches their twitter page :wink:. We are also delivering some changes to our support systems soon that will make this process much quicker.

We also continue to consider a more automated process including giving options in the app for customers to make changes. There is certainly no technical reason why we couldn’t do this but the main effort is actually around the quality control and review processes we’d need to build in too.

For now, please do keep sending any feedback as we have people improving our library of merchants and logos everyday. If you know the company has a twitter handle - that’s the best thing to mention in any feedback.