Crowd Sourcing Logos

I can see that you are looking to get logo’s for vendors into the system. Is it possible to have an option for us to upload images to you within the beta app itself?

Hi @Grindlebeard it’s certainly something we’ve considered, but it’s not on our plans for the next few app releases.

It’s great to get this feedback though so we know if it’s something people are interested in.

In the meantime, if there are any specific merchants that you’d like to see logo’s added, please do send us the feedback from within the app. We normally get to those within a few hours :slight_smile:



Hey @paul_k,

Consider to add something like monzo for the logos…
Send an email take too much time and people will not do, I don’t like to need to move out from the app to request a logo.


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Thanks for the feedback @brunosmm.

Improving the addition of logos will certainly be something we get to in future.

When we get there, we’ll certainly look at options for how others are doing things already.

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I believe Monzo attempts to get them from official Twitter accounts first and then accepts submissions if they don’t find one.


At the moment we also look to twitter first, but as Paul said we’re certainly looking to improve how we add logos in the future. For the time being, if there’s any specific merchants that you’d like to be corrected, please let us know either in your response or in the app!