Standing orders as regular payments idea

Currently on a DMP so I’m paying by standing order to most of my debtors, my idea is for standing orders to also be included as regular payments.

Hi @Nattmoore - we do already include standing orders in the Regular Payment screen, however sometimes an extra step is required first.

For standing orders we don’t always get the same information that we do for Direct Debits, Card Payments etc. That means we don’t always spot the destination (normally a company or the ‘merchant’) as accurately.

For these transactions when we haven’t spotted a match, you can manually force this to happen by selecting one of the transactions and tap on the ‘link similar transactions’ button. If that button is not showing (and instead you see a totals section) then we have already created that link for you.

Once linked together, these will be analysed like all the other payment types. If we spot a regular pattern, they will appear in the regular payments screen.

If you drop us a line at with any examples not showing up for you correctly we can investigate for you?


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