Snoop Web Live!

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to let you know that Snoop is now available on the web!

This means you can log in on your desktop, laptop and tablet – as well as using the app on your phone.

It’s easy to get Snoop set up on the web…

  • Go to on your desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Enter the mobile number you use for Snoop and your 5 digit PIN.
  • We’ll ping you a notification each time you log in to check it’s you - just fire up the Snoop app to confirm and you’re all done. Just an extra step to keep you safe.

Anytime you want to login, head to the website and tap ‘Log in’.

Fingers crossed you love this new option – don’t forget to let us know what you think.

When you use the new service, you’ll see this is just the start :blush:

Not every feature in the app is available on the web yet but we’re busy working on bringing the best features across asap. For example, Snoops aren’t online yet, but they’ll be added shortly. We’ll keep you updated with improvements as we make them.

To cover the use of our new web service, we’ve updated our Terms and Privacy Policy.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



Can you add 2FA, instead of a ping, please.

Being outside of the UK, I had to delete the app as you’re not listed outside of the UK store which means I can’t update the app or use it.

I’d like to be able to use Snoop for UK bills etc from wherever I am in the world - and the web app should allow that. Just not with a ‘ping’ to confirm it’s me.

Hi @ryev great to hear from you.

At the moment Snoop on the web is only available alongside our mobile app and to customers who have registered using that service first. Not all the features available in the mobile are available yet in the web. It’s therefore important that customers still have access to our mobile app.

With that in mind, it makes sense that the ‘2nd factor’ security model we are using utilises the Snoop App, rather than asking customers to download something else as well.

In future this may change as we build out the web - but that’s the stage we are at right now.

Hope that all makes sense

Since visualisations would help make sense of the values quickly. What use is a web app is the screen real estate is not used at all? Hope you have that in your plans.

Hey @snoop_user - thanks for your feedback. We’re only at the start of our journey on the web and will be developing the web channel over the coming weeks, months and years! The bigger screen size definitely gives us the opportunity to develop more visual and interactive experiences and we look forward to doing this as we roll out enhancements to the channel.


Hello Snoop developers, could you please create a way to join two snoop accounts so that we can both see a total spending of the household on each snoop account? That would be fantastic, thank you!.

Hi @Alfaltamar, thanks for your suggestion!

It’s a good one and we agree it would be very useful for customers.

Right now, Snoop is designed for a single user and we don’t yet fully support shared access. But we’ll certainly consider this later in the year as we further develop the app.


Thank you for taking it up onboard. Hopefully we get to see it later in the year.

I really enjoy this app, thanks!

that’s really great to hear @Alfaltamar - thank you for your support! We genuinely appreciate it