Snoop Troop Spending Challenge

Hi everyone,

With prices rising rapidly everywhere, all of us are under more financial pressure than ever before.

So, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we can try and do more to help all Snoop users tackle this problem.

That’s why on Saturday 1 October, we’re launching the Snoop Troop Spending Challenge to support Snoopers who feel like they’re trying to tackle these tough times on their own.

To join the challenge, you just pick one category (or custom category) you want to cut back on – along with how much you want to spend (weekly or monthly).

Between now and Christmas, we’ll then help you keep track every week of how you’re doing against your target, sharing the best money-saving ideas we have for the category you want to cut back on.

I wanted to give you an early view that we’ll be running this – Snoop users can sign up for early access here:

If you decide to take part, I’d love to know what area of your spending you want to cut back on (for me it’s definitely groceries!).

Please do post if you’ve found anything you think others might find helpful to achieving their goals too. It would be great to be able to share with others.



Hi everyone :wave:

Archna here from the Snoop team. I’m trying this for September too and my category is also groceries!

I’ve seen a great technique from Jack Monroe on doing a cupboard stock take.

Basically take an A4 piece of paper, split it into four sections and note what you have in these areas: carbs, protein, flavour and veges.

Usually you’d pick one from each to make a meal.

Will try this and let you know how I get on!

She is also well worth following on twitter for low cost meal ideas.


Hi guys!

I’m trying to cut my eating out spend this month. It’s silly really as it seems like little spends here and there on a hot drink or something from a vending machine for the kids are swimming etc but then by the end of the month it’s added up to way more than I would like.

Excited to try the spending challenge and see how we get on!

Good luck to everyone else taking part x


Exactly that @DaisyAnne

Eating out is another category I need to cut down on too. It’s the little things as you say - wanting to keep the kids happy mainly! But it really does add up. I’ve decided to try and get them thinking about it too - if we cut down the treats here and there to £x in the month, then we can all have a special treat at the end of the month.

No idea if it will work but my daughter did say she’s not going to nag me for bubble tea this weekend - which she does every weekend! - as she’s decided to ‘cut down’ :tada:

Good luck to you with your challenge!


Hi All! I’ve chosen my Eating Out spend as I’ve been spending way too much on takeaways! So hoping this will not only keep my spending lower but also help me feel healthier! Excited to see the results :smiley: