Should be able to add assets that effect your net worth, i.e cars, watches etc

I think it would be helpful to be able to add expensive assets that you may have, which cannot be shown via linking or manually adding accounts

Hi there - thank you for posting!

If you have Snoop Plus, you can add offline assets and accounts that cannot be connected to Snoop (for example, many saving account) through our Offline Accounts feature. We have found that many users do use it for that exact purpose to track properties, vehicles etc so it certainly is possible!

Many thanks,

Hi @BVH101 in case it’s not obvious how to do this, when you tap on the ‘Add offline account’ option scroll to the bottom of the list of providers and pick the option that says ‘Provider Not Listed’ and from there you can name your own asset (picking an emoji for the icon that is shown in app).

Then select ‘Other’ from the list of account types.

As James mentions, people use this today to track a range of assets in Snoop.

Hope that helps