Regular payments due this week Snoop

I received a Snoop this morning summarizing my regular payments for this week (the “you have xx regular payments due this week” Snoop).

In previous weeks I’m fairly certain I received the Snoop the weekend preceding the week in question. I prefer this approach of receiving it just prior to the start of the week. i.e. for this week (week commencing 3 Aug) I would have preferred to receive the Snoop on the weekend of the 1 Aug (ideally on Sat 1st Aug instead of Sun 2nd Aug).

Is there a way to set a preference for when this “due this week” regular payment Snoop is received?

Hey @o99,

Right now the timing for these Snoops can’t be set by customers, although this is certainly a feature enhancement we can look at in the future.

That said, the regular payment Snoop you mention does usually appear in your feed on a Sunday. We had a problem over the weekend with the creation of the Snoop unfortunately, which meant for this week it was a little late and was served this morning. Sorry about that.

In future weeks we’ll be back with the Snoop appearing on a Sunday :blush:


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