Offline account allowance for free users


I’ve recently started to use snoop. I really like it! however I am a student and so firstly can’t justify the premium version (especially at the moment with everything being so expensive), and secondly, I don’t have any proper bills/rent/income, and so I am yet to use it to its full potential.

I was wondering whether it’s an idea that there is an ‘allowance’ of say 1 offline account that free users can add. it would be useful as most banks don’t let you connect savings accounts, such as nationwide. It could also be a good way of selling the benefit of offline accounts to new users because if it works well, it’s yet another temptation to get the premium account of snoop. This has also been done for custom categories where you can create 3 of your own with a free account.

It’s just a suggestion as I understand that as a business you must make money at the end of the day.


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Thanks for the suggestion @Oscar

With some of our Plus features we do indeed allow some free limited use - for example spend reports or custom categories. For other features we deliberately keep them to only be available when you are using Snoop Plus. This includes being able to setup custom months based on paycycles, customising net worth calculations and setting up offline accounts.

However, it’s important for us that we always allow a free 7 day ‘full access’ trial of all the Snoop Plus features. If someone is not sure if they would give value from the paid for features, we’d always suggest they can try Plus for a few days and just cancel if don’t want to to continue with a paid for subscription.

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