Nationwide transactions

This could be applicable to more banks but I’ve only seen it with nationwide.

Transfers in to my nationwide account from the same nationwide account sometimes include the date in the description, sometimes they don’t. When snoop tries to link, I assume it uses the description so doesn’t find them all.

Here’s s badly but quickly erased screenshot showing 3 transactions from the same account with the middle one having a date included.

Hi @ToBAS - yes you are right that some banks use dates, reference number of other seemingly random things in their descriptions for faster payments and standing orders. Some don’t do this at all.

The banks certainly don’t like to make our life easy :wink:

For the first version of our new linking feature, we are just creating the link on an exact description of the bank transfer. However, we do certainly have some ideas about how to improve this and make it better for the examples you give.

We hope to keep improving features like this over time, so keep an eye out as we announce the improvements in each release.


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Thanks, these transactions are all from the same account but not all have a date. There’s no point where they all started to appear with dates, seems random.