Nationwide credit card transactions

All the transactions imported from my Nationwide credit card show in the transaction list as
“Card Payment” (unlike my other credit cards which show the merchant name). However, when I open them, they show the merchant in the description (as they do for my other credit cards).

Sorry about this @SteveL - Nationwide implemented a change last month and as part of this, they are are no longer sending us the ‘merchant name’ for the transaction and hence we can’t match this to the list of companies that we use to show logos etc.

This change has been made in error at Nationwide and we’ve been in discussions with them about getting that fixed as quickly as possible.

The latest update we had (yesterday) was that they expect to have a fix ready early next week and it will be released to us in the next two weeks. If that changes, I will let you know.

We are going to put a message into our app today to all Nationwide customers telling them about this too


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Thanks Paul :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - just to say that this evening Nationwide implemented a fix for this problem.

If you add and remove your Nationwide credit card to Snoop, you will hopefully now see correct transactions.

I’m sorry this was delayed a few times, but sadly this one was outside of our hands.