Multiple payments to same product

Is there a way to combine multiple payments to the same product in regular payments?

I have 2 Animal Health Plans - one for each cat - that go to the same product, however the payment hub doesnt consolidate this so I now have 2 products for the same thing.

I have a couple products like this that I pay weekly, the AI has figured these are different products.

It would be better if it recognised multiple regular payments and gave u the option to consolidate into one product or keep as seperate products :slight_smile:

For me atm having separate confuses me and is hard to keep up with.

Hi @LoveableLass - we deliberately keep each regular payment pattern separate at the moment and we treat them as unique ‘bills’.

We reason we currently do this is because when the same company is paid multiple times, for the examples we see it’s often for different arrangements, contracts or policies. Common examples we see are mobile phone contracts, insurance policies, car tax payments etc.

This means they might have different renewal dates or they cover different products. Sometimes the payments may be taken on different days in the month for example.

We instead let you setup as many product cards as you like. So for example - we often see people who have multiple pets may have a card for each Pet. I have a card named ‘Oreo’s Insurance :dog:’ and one for 'Lotty’s Insurance :cat: ’ for example :grinning:

That way you can track exactly how much you are paying for pet and when the renewal date is. The notes section on each item can be used for information about that policy like claims that have been made etc.

Coming in our next big app release (and our Beta users already have access to this), is that you can then also setup a custom spending category for ‘Pets’ so all your spending to cover all pet spending can be grouped together.

I hope that helps explain why we’ve currently designed it they way we have?


That does make sense.

Although I have a Loan that I pay weekly and the AI has 4 seperate payments instead of one. The custom categories would help with that I guess :slight_smile:

I’ll keep playing with it, it does seem to be alot more useful than other apps I’ve tried :slight_smile:

Hi @LoveableLass

For that example - it sounds like our AI hasn’t spotted that loan payment correctly - it should show once as a ‘weekly’ regular bill.

Can you drop us a line from the app (or send it to and we will get that fixed for you?