Moving House

I’m thinking that some features for users moving house could be useful. I’m waiting to exchange contracts and I need to change some providers. I’m getting lots of helpful Snoops but I can’t take advantage of them due to the impending move. I will have to sign up to some new suppliers before I move, so its possible that you are missing out on potential referrals as well. Just an idea that could be an enhancement in the future.

Thanks @Justjacqui - we will have a think about how best we could research and provide this content in future.

One challenge we’d have is identifying exactly when that content is most useful to customers - i.e. how we spot that someone is actively in a house move. As you know, we try and provide the most useful content at the right times, tailored to your personal circumstances.

We will certainly give this some thought and we really appreciate you sharing the idea.


Hi Paul,

Hope you are well. I met you at Temenos when we were working with VM on the digital project. I’m new to Snoop and wanted to give some of the services a try. I think the user would need to say they were moving and ask for options. Just that I’m looking for these now and going to MSE for info. It’s not a switch, but an introduction.

Good luck with the venture! I’ll provide more feedback as I get more familiar with the app.

Jacqui Eldridge

Lovely to hear from you again Jacqui :wave: - and many thanks for checking out Snoop!