Left to Spend

My bills are registering by my left to spend is not reducing, most of my monthly direct debits have left my account now but still showing most of my wages left to spend?

Hi @Susan40 I know that we have helped you with this problem via email.

Just in case others are experiencing something similar - the most common cause for this issue is if spending categories are in a ‘positive’ position overall. This normally happens when income or transfers are in one of the spending or custom categories.

This situation would impact both the ‘Spend Analysis’ and ‘Budget’ sections of the app. Our Income and Internal Transfers categories are automatically excluded from analysis in these screens, so moving any of these types of transactions to one of those categories normally corrects the issue and leaves you with a view of only your spending.

It’s normally desirable to leave things like refund payments you receive in one of the spending or custom categories - so if you spent £100 but £50 of that was refunded from a retailer, you want the total of spending in that category to count as £50. That’s why we don’t exclude all positive amounts in the spending/budget analysis, but instead we exclude specific categories.

I hope all that makes sense?