Inaccurate Monthly Totals

Hi all,

Just downloaded the app and been using it for a week. I really like it but have noticed some significant issues, namely that transactions are missing and that the monthly spend totals are consistently incorrect when compared to the built in analytics function in my NatWest online banking.

This erodes my confidence in Snoop as a catch all for my spending and makes me think what else isn’t accurate in the background.

I’d really appreciate some help on this as I’d love to keep using the app, but if I’m not convinced it’s pulling the data from NatWest accurately then I can’t trust it’s actually tracking my spending properly.


Hi @HarryD123 we are not aware of any issues with NatWest which would lead to inaccurate data. Many of our team have NatWest accounts and we check this bank daily.

Please can you drop us line to with any example of a discrepancy so we can investigate fully?