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Just a gentle suggestion.
On the home page, I like to view my accounts in grid mode. It would be nice if snoop would remember my last set prference and use it each time snoop is started, instead of always defaulting to single line scroll mode.


Hi @PaulGee thanks for posting and for the feedback on this. I have passed this along to our development team to highlight for you! If you have any other feedback/suggestions please do let us know at hello@snoop.app


I have justed emailed Snoop asking for the same thing! I have 6 accounts and would love it if the homepage layout would stick as ‘Grid’ so that i can see all of my account balances at a glance.

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Hi @markyfun

Thank you for the suggestion as well, we have replied back to your email this morning.

I have shared this again with our development team as we greatly appreciate feedback from our customers.

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I have 20 accounts and list or grid view involves scrolling. I would prefer a folder for each Bank / building society into which I could organise all my accounts. Or perhaps folders for current accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, others.
Even better if the folder could show the total value as a description.