Beta troubleshooting for Android users

Hey everyone,

We’ve noticed that a few Android users have had difficulties downloading the Beta.

If you’ve received your invitation email but are having trouble accessing the app via the link, don’t fret. We’ve come up with a guide that contains a few possible reasons why and some tips on what you can do.

We hope it helps!


Hi Tom

tried replying to your email several times, for some reason your work email didn’t like it and kept rejecting it.

Hey Sean - please could you try emailing in to ? Thanks!

Hi Tom, it still wouldn’t let me, could you retry my email address again for the beta, I’ve updated it to my current one so my Google Play and Snoop account match.

Sorry, just saw this post - apologies for the delay. I’ll check this with the team and we’ll sort for you asap

Hey - your Snoop email address is definitely on the invite list in Google Play so I’ve just sent you the link via email. This should work but please shout if you have any trouble! And do let us know what you think of the beta :blush: