Badge notification for no reason?

I often see a badge notification on the Snoop app icon on my phone (iPhone).
But then when I open the app its not clear why I received a notification.

Could you make it clearer what the notification is for (e.g. a recent notifications list in the app). Currently it seems like the badge notification is just being used to induce me to open the app, which could get irritating.

Hi @o99,

Thanks for your feedback on this.

This is something that we will be looking to improve so that we can better highlight the Snoops that these notifications refer to. We want to flag the new Snoops in your feed so that you can more easily navigate to any new updates since your last visit.

We really appreciate your feedback, and I have shared this with our team as it is incredibly useful to us when we come to discuss our next set of features and improvements.

If you would like us to take a look at your account and provide more information about the recent notifications you have received, please feel free to get in touch with our team on - we’ll be able to locate your account and take a look into this for you.