Adding a Credit Card Not Listed

Is it possible to add a Credit Card that isn’t listed?

Hi @SuperPowerSurfer if the bank your card is with is not listed, it means we can’t connect with them.

Who is your credit card with?


Some might say it’s not a credit card but it works the exact same way as a credit card. The card is Zilch. It’s a Buy Now Pay Later type card if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Hi @SuperPowerSurfer yes we are familiar with it but I’m afraid they don’t offer any Open Banking interfaces for us to connect with.

There are certain card products like store cards or pre-paid cards which fall outside of the scope of Open Banking. Therefore the providers of the cards are not obligated to provide interfaces for apps like Snoop to use.

You can add these types of products as ‘offline accounts’ in our Snoop Plus product which means you can track balances. However, I appreciate this is not as useful as getting transactions and automatic updates.