Add expenses manually

I want to add some expenses manually as before I don’t have open banking and miss same recurring payments,
Without that I can’t compare month to month
So my plan is to add manually that to fix my database

Hi @Nabil

You can add bills manually to Snoop but only if we can see the actual transactions via Open Banking.

We don’t support any manual transaction entry I’m afraid. Hopefully the bank you use will catch-up and provide open banking access soon?


I was using cooperative bank, switched to another just be able to use your app.
Now all good, but my issue is I’ve all my expenses available from my credit card and new account
But to be able to compare month to month
All data from old account last year miss the coop transaction, I know in average how much, I can add them month by month.
Once that’s done I can use the app to compare on monthly bases, now I can’t do that.
Planing just add fix value for one merchant to get it balanced

Hi @Nabil I understand.

Sadly that’s not something we can support because all of our features work against bank provided transaction data and we don’t currently have any plans to allow that to be manually added to.

Hopefully this becomes less and less of a problem as time passes and you build-up more history in your new account.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful here.