Spend Analysis Graphs

Hi all, I’m sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere (I’ve tried searching the forum, but no luck).

I find the ‘Spend Analysis’ graphs challenging to understand, and there seems to be minimal documentation about them.

When I see a graph, I expect to see certain things labelled, like the x-axis and the y-axis. Without having these labelled, we don’t know what the numbers on the chart represent. I assume the numbers on the x-axis (0-30) represent the days of the month (note - every month appears to be 30 days according to the Snoop graphs). The y-axis is I think is £ spent (showing cumulating changes in spend and income).

The dashed line I believe shows then ending point for the previous month. How does the title of the graph (e.g., ‘December Spend’) relate to the amount shown on the graph at the end of the month? I assume the number on the graph (which is sometimes occluded by the graph lines) is the difference between last month spend and this month spend?

So, generally speaking, I think these graphs are a great idea, but they need either better labelling or links to help documentation (explaining what I’ve highlighted above).

Just suggestions…maybe I’m overthinking this,

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Hi there @accumbens

Thanks for your comments - you’re absolutely right in your understanding of the graphs but we take your point about labelling and will certainly look at ways we can improve the visualisations and make the easier to understand.

Really appreciate you sharing your thoughts!


I agree, with everything above. I’ve found them very difficult to make use of due to the labelling… The days seem to run from day 0?

Potentially really great, but I’m not finding them very user friendly atm.


Thanks for your comments @Kathrynadevine - we appreciate the feedback.

We’ll certainly take a look at the graphs to see if we can make some improvements :slight_smile: