Choose between spending graph/budget on main page

I love the addition of the budget and really value the alerts it gives, but I wish it didn’t override the spending graph on the home screen.

I’m more interested in competing with myself to spend less, rather than spend as much as I want as long as it’s less than my budgeted amount, so seeing the graph on the front page and how I was doing that month over time was super valuable to me. It would be great to get a toggle to choose which one to have displayed instead of the budget taking precedence. Either that or just stack them so we get both at once.

Thanks for your feedback @Autumndragonfly - its a very fair comment.

We chose to position budget as the lead here as this is what we’d expect most people to ‘compete’ against but I do take your point that the spend analysis graph is very helpful for looking back at your performance vs last month. This has been shared with the team and we’ll certainly reflect on it.