Snoop = Spam?! 😭

Snoop, my bestie.

Your emails are being identified by Outlook as Spam, and quite frankly I’m offended that Outlook are classing my best friend as, well, a horrible tasting weird canned meat.

(Full disclaimer - never had Spam but the smell is disgusting, and I’m not even entirely sure it can be classed as meat :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:)

In my history with emails going to Spam, as you progress it tends to fix itself; but having the heads up that emails are going into Spam can help you fix issues.

I can write a strongly worded letter to Outlook if you want - but I don’t think we need to break these big guns out just yet :eyes::wink:

Hey @ryev!

Thanks for letting us know… we’d already heard rumours that’s happening and are looking into it with both our email provider and hotmail. But to know it’s still happening to you is super helpful - how dare they! :blush:

As you say, over time this should improve as we warm our IP but for now we’ll do our best to sort it.

Thanks as always,