Snoop Plus Pricing

I see it’s £3.99 pcm paid through AppleID…

I think that’s too high to be honest - if it was £1 pcm and paid through direct debit I’m sure you have a much higher take up. Part of the problem is that basic snoop is pretty good and the incremental upgrades aren’t worth £4 to people that are hard pressed for cash and are more likely to use Snoop. I suppose proof is in the actual takeup and the renewal rates of the subscription as is but I thought I’d feed this back to your product/finance management as I am a (very) small shareholder!


Thank you for your feedback @pshores - its appreciated.

With Plus, we’ve worked hard to provide a set of more personal and proactive features within an experience which we believe will genuinely help our customers to take further control of their finances. And when pricing Snoop Plus, we have also looked at other apps in the market to make sure we’re delivering value for money. But that said, you make a really fair observation, and of course we’ll keep a very close eye on response to and feedback on, the price.

Of course, if our users don’t want to or can’t pay for Snoop Plus, it goes without saying that the free version of Snoop will always be available.