Save on Car insurance in uncertain times - Using pay per mile

During these uncertain times when you do not know how many miles you would really be driving, it would be worth looking at the pay per mile car insurance.

I used By miles and saved significantly (About 40%) and if you do sign up based on their quote then you could use the referral link as they give £50 credit for both - Get a quote and see if you could save: By Miles

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Hi there @shaaskul - this is a great idea for a Snoop! I’d not thought of this and I’m sure many others won’t have either! Brilliant :+1: appreciate it

Thanks, Cara - We do generally take car insurance for granted to be fixed but actually even in regular times (let alone current situation) there was actually a stat saying 60% of the time the car is parked and people over estimate the miles they do annually. It was an eye opener for me certainly.

Great shout out @shaaskul.

Pay-by-miles insurance is a huge money saver for young or newly-qualified drivers. This type of insurance is relatively new but I’ve been disappointed it doesn’t bring the same benefits to more experienced drivers with very low annual mileage, too. In my case, the “parked at home” fixed charge is around 20% higher than my entire annual standard fully comprehensive policy. Ridiculous! Let’s hope some more underwriters come to market.

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