Bank account dded value benefit duplication

Folks. So I have a Lloyd’s premier account which costs £25 per month and offers travel insurance breakdown cover and mobile device insurance x2 but I also have a curve account that under normal circumstances would cost £14:99 a month (I got it free for a year though due to an issue) but it occurs to me that a simple snoop might be to highlight this duplication and potential wasted cost


Hi David. Yes - this one we already have under development. So we are looking to spot situations for example where people pay for AA membership - but its covered by their current account package. So I agree with you - this is a really good one. Thanks for the feedback - genuinely it’s incredibly helpful for us, because it shows it’s useful to people other than us! :slight_smile:

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It’s one of the reasons I stopped my packaged bank account as I was doubling up on breakdown cover which I already had with my car insurance.